So…I won a sewing machine! I entered Mel’s competition over at The Curious Kiwi and got the email the other day that I’d been randomly chosen as the winner! There may have been a little squealing at my desk when I got the email. I also may have shown a picture of the machine I won around the office…

It’s a Singer 3223. it got delivered yesterday and I’m so excited to sew something on it! It’ll have to wait until the weekend since I have some assignments to do this week but I still got it out and put it on my desk.

As much as I’m excited to use my new machine, it does mean I have to say goodbye to my old one, box it up and put it in the cupboard.

My Elnita 200 has been good to me. It’s sewn everything I’ve ever made and always powered through thick layers of fabric. Sure, it often skipped stitches when using a twin needle and sewed through my fingers once or twice but overall, it served me well. Especially considering it’s older than me! My parents bought the machine in the early 90s before I was born.

I figured I’d probably upgrade one day but as it still sewed beautifully, I wasn’t in any rush. It has all the basic stitches you need, two spools for twin needle sewing, a 4-step button hole and is easy to use.

The Singer has 10 extra stitches, mostly stretch and decorative stitches, so I’ll have to try them out. Both machines use the same type of bobbins and snap-on feet so at least I can use all the accessories I already have.

I’m keen to see how it sews (most reviews say it is a great machine) and get stuck into my winter sewing list. I have a month off uni coming up, so fingers crossed I can fit in heaps of sewing around my extra shifts at work.

Anyway, here’s me with my new machine.

4 thoughts on “A New Sewing Machine and a Goodbye to my Elnita”

  1. Just happened upon your blog – not even sure how šŸ™‚ As a sewing teacher, a “sewist” for 48 years, and having worked with tons of machines – do not get rid of your Elna. As cute as that Singer is, your old Elna is a better quality. Just one lady’s thought….

    1. I’m definitely not getting rid of it, just moving it to the cupboard haha (just feels like a goodbye) šŸ™‚
      It’s not as good a quality as most Elnas because it’s an Elnita and wasn’t made in Switzerland like the real quality ones were but still a good machine!

  2. Congratulations on winning the Singer! I have a slightly older version of it and I can say it does a very good job indeed as well as being easy to use. I’d definitely echo Beth’s comment, though – hang on to your Elnita. Older machines are always worth keeping and it’s great to have a back-up if your new machine goes in for a service or even if you want to work on two projects at once without having to change the thread all the time.

    Enjoy your new machine! The colour is just gorgeous.

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