Note: Recaps are short tidbits from a trip; quick things I loved (or didn’t), food I ate, people I met or my general impression of a place. I love writing about my travels this way, it’s a cute memento and good way for me to remember what I was up to.

Budapest was the last top on my 5 week Europe trip and I spent it eating cake and thinking about what I was going to do when I went home. I’d resigned from my job before I left after they promised me the leave for my trip, then four months later changed their mind. I even applied for jobs from my hostel bunk I was so worried about finding a job straight away! Two days after I landed back in NZ I had an interview and got a job, so I really had nothing to worry about, but I guess my worrying paid off (I’m much more chilled out about this stuff now, promise).

Budapest was a pretty great place to end my trip though, it’s truly beautiful and crazy cheap.

I had a fun time with the people in my hostel as well. I met two slightly crazy British girls who were heaps of fun and obsessed with their selfie sticks. I took more photos with them in one day than I did entire cities when I was solo (I’m not much of a photographer, I tend to forget to take photos).

I also met up with some girls I’d met in Vienna. We spent two days wandering from sight to sight, taking silly photos with all the statues while eating a ton of cake and drinking a lot of coffee. I’ve decided that’s officially the best way to see Budapest.


I stayed at Maverick Hostel, the dorms, kitchen and social areas were great but the bathrooms were terrible. The showers always looked unclean and there was nowhere to get changed or hang your stuff. The shower doors are also just frosted glass and face the mirrors so it felt like everyone in the bathroom could see you (they can’t but it sure does feel like it). The bunks are pod beds though, with a thick curtain which is great. The lockers are also huge and they have free computers and a skype phone!

I took no public transport (except a hop-on hop-off bus I was coerced into) in Budapest and just walked everywhere. Fisherman’s Bastion is a must-see, just ignore the hordes of tourists around you! There are also guys selling tickets for those hop-on hop-off bus tours, which I went on one day because the people I was with really wanted to. It also included a boat tour, which was nice but had the usual commentary pumped through tinny speakers and bad hot chocolate. Personally, I think the bus tours are overpriced and just not for me, I much prefer walking or regular public transport.

Don’t forget to check out the grand market and buy some Esterházy torte, it’s an Hungarian cake and it’s delicious!

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