Whenever I finish a project, if there is even a small amount of fabric leftover I often feel too guilty to throw it out. I keep these leftovers in a (now overflowing) rubber bucket under my desk and reassure myself that one day I dig into my bucket and use the fabric there…just like I tell myself I’ll eventually use all the ribbon I have stashed somewhere.

I know many sewists have a lot of UFOs (I’m guilty of that too) but I would say I have more UFIs (UnFinished Ideas). I always think yes! I will so use that fabric to make a top/jacket for someone’s baby/lining but more often than not I don’t.

Well for once I did! Ages ago I made a dress and there was a little bit of fabric left over that I managed to squeeze this top out of!

I have an RTW peplum top that I really like, so using that (and the Scout tee sleeves) I managed to make my own pattern of sorts! The peplum has more volume than the original top but I think that has more to do with the fabric. It’s a polyester, like the original top, but this one is lighter so it doesn’t take the pleats quite as well.

It’s also a little wider than the original (especially at the back) but I actually kind of like that, as the original top is a little tight across the bust. I think I would prefer to take it in a little but that’ll have to wait until I’m in the mood to do alterations. I also had to move the darts up like I did with my Scout Tee, so the sewing teachers were rolling in their graves again but oh well.

I also added a keyhole at the back with a cute gold button and a few little pleats at the top of the sleeves.

Overall, I really like the top and it looks pretty good under a jacket. I’ll probably wear it with shorts to uni once it warms up a little. Also, I booked flights to Myanmar for January/February next year! I’m super excited and can’t wait to explore Myanmar with my backpack.

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